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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[First document]

Prime Minister’s Office Documentation Centre

Draft number 125004

Envelope 253

Year 1316 [1937/8]


18 pages

Banishment of five peasants for being Baha’is, in connection to their dispute with Asghar Mohseni, and their return to their location as a result of complaints by Seisan residents.


[Second document]


Ministry of Post, Telegram and Telephone



Sample 365

Year 1316 [1937/8]

Ledger number: 513


From Tabriz

To: T

Bill number 20138

Telegram number 226

Number of words 100

Date of origin 4

Notes: -----

Date of receipt 4 Mehr [26 September]

Name of recipient [illegible]


In care of Ahmad [illegible] to the head of the council of ministers Jafar Mohseni, two of the joint beneficiaries of Seisan mistakenly issued orders to unduly banish five peasants from the village on the grounds that the landlords had requested banishment; whereas these people always pay their dues and cultivate the land. This was done on our joint property without our consent. We request the withdrawal of the exile order, and for Mr. Mohseni not to continue his oppression against the owners and peasants.

Mahmoud Khajehgan Dameshghi, Eskandar Tayefeh Dameshghi, Hosseinali Dameshghi



Office of Telephone and Telegraph Tehran

Despatch unit 13


[Illegible] to inform


5 Mehr 1316 [27 September 1937]



Received by the Cabinet and the head of the council of ministers

Dated 6 Mehr 1316 [28 September 1937]

Number 9929


[Handwritten note at the top of page]

Matter to be investigated by Ministry of Interior; of course they are aware that banishment of people is a punishment which needs [illegible] order.