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In the Name of God


We would respectfully inform you that on 12 Ordibehesht of the current year [May 1984)], five women and children from our families: 1- Vahideh Zamani-Farahani, 2- Aghdas (Neda) Golestani, 3-Mehrnoush  Zamani-Farahani, 4-Peyman Ghiami, 5-Monir Zamani-Farahani, while travelling, were arrested by the Revolutionary Guards at the police station on the road to Zanjan and were transferred to Tehran.

According to the report received, they have been transferred to Evin Prison. Now, ten days has passed since they were imprisoned in Rajaeishahr Prison, the previous Gawhardasht Prison. Considering that some of these people are war-torn refugees and homeless, who need affection and protection, and their families and relatives are distressed and worried about them, we earnestly request your honour to order that their situation be investigated that their innocence become ascertained, and that they be released. Certainly, the Almighty God will reward your compassionate action for releasing these innocent people, bringing joy to you and your family, in both this world and the next.



Families of: Abbas Zamani, Houshang Golestani, Ali Ghiami

[Two signatures]

22 Ordibehesht 1363 [12 May 1984]


The content of this letter is sent to: Ayatollah Montazeri, the president, the prime minister, the gendarmerie and the Office of the Prosecutor General, by certified mail on, 22 Ordibehesht 1363 [12 May 1984]