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Mostazafan Foundation - Fars

Enforcement Unit

In the Name of God

Date [illegible]

Number -----

Enclosure -----


Manager in charge of Firouz Company

According to this Verdict, and Verdict number 1, [dated] 26/11/1360 [15 February 1982], of the Sharia judge, the following individuals, who are adherents of the Baha’i sect, are expelled from employment. Therefore, it is necessary that the accounts of the persons named below be settled as soon as possible. It should be noted that action will be taken to appoint new people to do their work. We hope God confirms our efforts to purify offices and companies.

1- Farangis Akhzari

2- Bahram Niroumand

3- Zabihollah Golzar

4- Jalil Mazlouhi

5- Abdolhosein Rouhani

6- Jamal Rouhani

7- Ahdiyeh

8- Aminzadeh

Success comes from God

Representative of the Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Republic - Shiraz, at Mostazafan Foundation

Zabihollah [illegible]


5/12/1360 [24 February 1982]

Words of wisdom for the week: “A single hair of you who (live in slums) is preferred over those who dwell in palaces.” Imam Khomeini