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[Date:] 8 Bahman 1357 [28 January 1979]

The Honourable Head of the Institute of Higher Education, Amir Shoukat’ul-Mulk Alam

With utmost respect, I am referring to letter number 9565, of 26 Dey 1357 [16 January 1979], of that esteemed Institute, regarding your dissatisfaction with [me], Firouz Ahmadi, an expert in working affairs. As your valued person is well aware, for about nine months I have endeavoured in my position to perform my duties with utmost ardour, dedication and interest. All my co-workers testify to this, particularly the respected auditor’s officer of the organization, under whom I have performed my services during this period. Since, in the above-mentioned letter, it was stated, “Due to unsatisfactory performance, your services have been brought to an end”, and referring to communication number 281 of 29 Tir 1357 [20 July 1978], issued to me on behalf of the Auditing Office of that organization—a copy of which is enclosed here—my performance has been highly praised. Therefore, the matter of “dissatisfaction” cannot be true in this case, since I have always been bound and respectful to all the administrative standards and have performed my duties with utmost enthusiasm.

The only matter that may have been the cause of the organization’s dissatisfaction with my person could be the lies and incitements of the self-interested individuals who, during the disturbing situations of the country, with opportunism and malicious intention, have distorted the mind of that honourable authority and created such a problem. As far as my records testify, there has never been any written warning or even a mention of dissatisfaction in my case, and if there has been any obvious shortcoming in the performance of my duties, (which there has not been), it would have been better that a notification or warning, based on the disciplinary standards, had been initially issued by the management.

It is not yet clear to me that what has been the cause of dissatisfaction. It would have been better that my shortcomings in performing the duties had been clearly illuminated for me, so that I could remedy it. At least, a reason should have been presented to me as my offence. Since one who has conscientiously, and with utmost sincerity, performed his duties, I cannot accept such matters [allegations], since it is an important matter for [my] future and fate.

Therefore, I plead with Your Honour to conscientiously investigate about the period of time during which I had the honour of serving that organization, in order to become informed of the truth of my submission. Should you encounter any matter, please bring it explicitly to my attention. In conclusion, I plead for a thorough and unbiased analysis of this matter.



Firouz Ahmadi

Copy: Honourable Governorate of the City of Birjand, for information and action.