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[Adapted from website:] Fergheha

[Date:] 1 Ordibehesht 1393 [21 April 2014]


The Manoto Is a Hell Network Run by The Baha’is

In 2011, the network, with the cooperation of Kayvan Abbassi’s father, will receive a huge budget of $40,000,000 from the U.S. security budget at the Pentagon, for a media attack on Iran. This budget is 40 times larger than the budget of the Farsi1 network. The purpose of the operators of this network in choosing this name is to interact and communicate with the people of Iran by abusing this name, and its policy is to broadcast movies, serials, news and reports.

Kayvan Abbassi is in charge of this network. He was born in March 1971 in Sydney, Australia.

The aims of this Baha’i network are as follows:

1- Promoting Western music with superstitions.

2- Indirect propaganda aimed at young people to use drugs for liberation and peace.

3- Promoting immoral and free relations between men and women.

4- Promoting anti-religious concepts and issues.

5- Commemoration of Reza Pahlavi on the anniversary of his death.

6- Destroying the Islamic Republic by any means.

7- Promoting alcoholism and homosexuality.

8- Promoting the unveiling [of women] as a factor of progress in European countries.

9. The trafficking and recruitment of Baha’i girls in the name of the enforcer.

10- Promoting a western lifestyle away from Iranian affairs.