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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fergheha

[Date:] 25 Farvardin 1393 [14 April 2014]


Baha’ism, the Seventy-Coloured Bride of a Thousand Grooms

An analysis of the 125-year history of Baha’ism clearly shows that this deviant current is like a seventy-coloured bride of a thousand grooms, who have been passed into the hands of arrogant regimes at every point in history, with no other aim than to start a religious war, to weaken the foundation of religion and the religious foundations of the people, and to disrupt the independence and unity of the Muslims.

If we consider the origin of this rootless and baseless sect to be the same as Sheikhism and the subsequent deviations of what was called Babism, we will reach the traces of Russian colonialism from the very beginning.

In the continuation of the life of Baha’ism, we come across the support and currents of the colonial countries, such as Britain, the United States and the illegitimate Zionist regime, each at a specific period and with a single goal, which is to establish domination through deviation in Islam and the religious beliefs of the people. [These colonial countries] hold the reins of this sect and use this common tool for their benefit. In the 1388 [2009] sedition, which was a collection of activities of deviant and anti-religious currents as well as terrorist groups, it was observed that Baha’ism, despite its statute of abstention from political activities, once again became a tool in the path of the enemies of Islam and Iran’s independence.

Although the basis of this false sect in the face of Islamic logic has been full of doubts and fundamental contradictions and absurd contents, and on this basis has constantly avoided confrontation with Islam and Islamic scholars on the basis of debates, thanks to the undivided support of governments, including the overthrown Pahlavi regime, it provided many opportunities for growth and expansion.

Of course, erroneous and deviant thoughts, in addition to the absurd and weak logic of Baha’ism, which is unable to meet the basic and ordinary needs of human beings, have always been defeated in the face of the logic of Islam and, consequently, have difficulty in absorbing and disseminating it.