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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Ferghe News

[Date:] 13 Bahman 1395 [1 February 2017]


Exploitation of Masih Alinejad

Joint Sectarian Operations Simultaneously with Trump’s Command

Masih Alinejad in continuation of her services to the Zionists and the Baha’is once again using the pretext of Trump’s order, portrayed the Baha’is as victims in the media.

According to Ferghe News, at the same time as Donald Trump’s order, various exploitation of this issue took place and some of them were included in the sects’ agenda. At first, Evangelical Christianity used this opportunity to start its own media propaganda, and then perverse Baha’i sect continued the same process.

This is while different sects usually try to show off, play the victim, propagate and attract individuals in line with their goals under various pretexts. With the implementation of Trump’s order and the start of global reactions to this issue, the best opportunity for media presentation of the sects becomes available, so that each one tries to fish from the muddy water.

But in the meantime, a well-known person like Masih Alinejad, who after various failures in foreign Persian-language networks and their distrust and lack of value for her, has now approached the Baha’is and works for them in the Manoto network, and she tries to attribute any issue to this perverse sect in a positive way in order to make a living.

Alinejad’s propaganda and playing the victim have recently been published in cyberspace after Trump’s order through publishing a picture of a Baha’i girl with the same usual, stereotype and repetitive expressions, so that this person [Masih Alinejad] can prove her service to the Baha’is as much as possible.

In the published image of the Baha’i girl, it has been tried to insinuate to the audience that the treatment of this sect is like the discrimination that Trump has inflicted on Muslims. While it is quite clear that Trump’s move, in addition to violating human rights and its political aspects, is anti-Islamic, and dissidents like Alinejad are trying to equate true Islam with extremists who commit crimes in the name of Islam.