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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Ferghe News

[Date:] 14 Esfand 1397 [5 March 2019]


Baha’ism [Has] Close Ties and Interaction with Hegemonic and Colonial Countries / This Sect is the Puppet of the Arrogant [Colonialism]

The director of the Deviant Sects Group of the Centre for Theology and Religions of the Qom School of Theology said, “Baha’ism is prescribed by the colonial world and the system of domination for the Shiite land of Iran, which has never been able to find a place among Iranians.”

According to Ferghe News, on Wednesday evening, in the second meeting of the series of Fanous [Lanterns] of Baharestan City, which was held by the Mobilisation Resistance Force of Imam Husayn in Isfahan, Hojatoleslam Ali-Reza Rouzbahani, referring to the deviant ideas of Baha’ism, said, “One of the reasons that this sect is considered a socially deviant movement is the instability of the fundamental pillars of this sect.”

He added, “If we study and ponder the religion of Islam, the prophets and saints, and even the lives of their companions, we will learn very instructive, fundamental and firm points that have not been corrupted and altered.”...

Hojatoleslam Rouzbahani continued, “Baha’ism once considered the existence of a miracle necessary for the prophets; at [another] time it denied it, and in fact, there is nothing in the discussion of the miracle except contradiction and confusion in Baha’ism.”

Pointing out that the main doctrine of the twelve Baha’i teachings is the unity of mankind, he said, “Although the followers of Baha’ism claim that there is no difference between [members of] the human race in any way, in the Selections From the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha, volume 3, page 48, he calls the black people of Africa cows in human form.”

The director of the Deviant Sects Group of the Centre for Theology and Religion of the Qom School of Theology, emphasizing that the Zionist goals are in harmony and have a great relationship with the writings of the Baha’i sect’s leaders, said, “These two issues are inseparable, because Baha’ism or Israel, whichever needed help, the other rushed to its aid, and they are in collaboration with each other. It [would be] interesting [to ask] why the sect that claims the unity of mankind has not yet condemned the evil deeds of the Zionist regime.

He pointed out that, from the beginning of its formation, Baha’ism have been a puppet of the colonial powers and have been used as a reliable lever and tool for their own gain.