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In the Name of God


Esteemed President of the East Azerbaijan Bar Association

With greetings and respect!

Your Excellency, I, Ferdows Shahidi, a Baha’i citizen living in Tabriz, would like to inform you that for five years, the municipal authorities have been refusing to bury Baha’i dead in the Vadi-e Rahmat [cemetery] in Tabriz. We have no information about our corpses after they are handed over to the morgue of the Vadi-e Rahmat. Please provide the necessary guidance for us to obtain a piece of land from the municipality for this purpose. It should be noted that we have informed all the government agencies, but each official exonerates himself from responsibility and avoids responding.


Thank you, Ferdows Shahidi


29 Mordad 1395 [19 August 2016]


Address: [redacted]

Contact number: [redacted]