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16/4/1362 [7 July 1983]

In His Name, the Exalted

The Honorable Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shiraz;

I respectfully submit that my daughter Mitra Iravan has been in prison for eight months.  I have repeatedly written letters pleading for justice and asking for a reconsideration of her case. An order for bail in the amount of three million [?] has been issued. I, her mother, have had my pension denied for some time now. Her father is frail and ill due to old age, and suffers from heart problems, thus incapable of working, and has no income.

You are well aware that there is nothing more precious for a mother than her child. If I had any money or property to meet the demand, I would not hesitate. I also note that my daughter is innocent, and she has been imprisoned merely for her faith as a Baha'i.

We are among the needy and the deprived. You, on the other hand, thank God, wield tremendous influence and can grant her pardon. We shall always remain grateful and pray to God that you may be dealt with mercifully on the judgment day, inasmuch as anyone who deals compassionately with an innocent person shall be rewarded with Divine Compassion in return. To maintain your honor and powers, deal with God and release my innocent and helpless daughter, so that your own children may be safe from the evils of this world and the torments of the next.  I plead for your mercy.

Respectfully yours,

Ferdows Akhavanus-Safa


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In His Name, the Exalted

What are the details of this case?

27/6/1362 [18 September 1983]


In His Name, the Exalted

Honorable Prosecutor:


Mitra Iravan has been charged with membership and active involvement in the Zionist Baha'i movement by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, and [the court] is considering her execution. However, since her activities began only recently, the sentence was not confirmed. The court ordered posting a bond for three million tuman from Baha’i properties, however, despite the issuance of the order on 22/12/1361 [13 March 1983], she remains in jail.


Assistant Prosecutor for Execution of Order