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[Adapted from website:] Feragh Va Adyan (Roshana)

[Date:] 22 Dey 1399 [11 January 2021]


86th Issue of the Specialized Quarterly of Sects And Religions, “Roshana”, Was Published

The latest issue of the first specialized publication of Sects and Religions, “Roshana”, has been published with various topics and has been made available to the interested [readers]. In issue 86, as in previous issues, it deals with the latest and most important matters concerning sects and religious minorities in [various] articles, reports, notes, dialogues, and interviews in the fields of religions, Baha’ism, the Hojjatieh Society, Sufism, Evangelical Christianity, and emerging sects. “The Secret Treasure” is the title of this issue's special interview with “Hojatoleslam Seyyed Mohammad-Bagher Alavi Tehrani”, about mysticism and mystical lifestyle.

In this issue we read:



-Post-Corona and the Challenge of Personal Religion | Notes

-“Cultural Revolution”, Sects and Religions | Dialogue

-The Focus of Religions on Mutual Respect | Database

-Diffusion Opportunity for Minorities | Notes

-Tactic | Notes


Evangelical Christianity

-Evangelical Dialogue | Article

-Missiology; Evangelical Church Clericalism | Notes

-Black and White Evangelism | Report

-Evangelism in Corona | Report

-Cross Doubts [Superstitions] | Notes



-Seeking Baha’i Identity in Children | Article

-Interview With Two Recanted Members and Victims of the Baha’i Sect | Religious Terrorists

-New Collections of Books on Baha’is | Notes


Hojjatieh Society

-Poniard-Beating on the Scales of Reason and Religion | Notes

-Fossilized Society | Dialogue



-Common Sufism | Article

-Secret Treasure | Interview

-Political Sufism | Article

- “The Foundation of Shi’ism, Is It a Pathway of Thought and Mysticism”? | Notes

-A Series of Mystical Lifestyle Notes (Part Three) | Notes


Emerging sects

-Sectarian Children [Toddlers of the sects?] | Article

-Kaaba in Enclosure | Article

Deliberation in the First National Conference “Emerging Spiritualities: Features and Critics” | Report

Spirituality in the Consumer Basket | Notes


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