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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Feragh va Adyan

[Date:] 1 Azar 1395 [21 November 2016]


The Heat of Arab Oil in Baha’i Circles

According to Feragh and Adyan, the UAE Ministry of Tolerance and Indulgence held a meeting to gather religions together in Dubai in late Aban [October/November] of this year. The representatives of the heavenly religions, Islam and Christianity, attended the gathering, which was accompanied by symbolic and marching movements, with an official invitation to beliefs such as Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists.

The highlight of the gathering was the presence of elements of the Baha’i sect. In recent times, the Arab countries with such careless movements, have been drawn to deviant thoughts, although, according to a resolution in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Baha’i sect is recognized and registered as a deviant sect.

This gathering was not held with the aim of exchanging scholars’ opinions, but apparently with the aim of creating an amalgam of the identification of the heavenly religions with the beliefs of human beings and in line with the organizational goals of some organizations, in an unusual way.

The gathering took place in the U.A.E. shortly after a meeting in Kuwait, entitled, “The Gathering of the Religions of Islam, Christianity and the Baha’is on the Unity of the Human World.” The Baha’is held the [main stage] with a lecture from an American professor specializing in political science.

A noteworthy point―both in this meeting and in the ceremony that took place under the title of “The Great Gathering of Religions and Beliefs” is the absence of representatives of Judaism. It seems that the main purpose for holding these ceremonies was to [establish] Baha’ism in the religious community as a religion and to place it at the level of the true religions, such as Islam and Christianity. The House of Justice may have organized such ceremonies, and the intervention of Zionist Jews to denigrate the Baha’is’ organizational function and advance the infiltration operation.