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In the Name of God

[Stamp by the Office of Ayatollah Sanei]: 

Date: 3 Khordad 1388 [24 May 2009]

Number: 16911

Subject: Religious enquiry


To Ayatollah Yousef Sanei,


Kindly let us know whether the land of a cemetery and its boundary that belongs to non-Muslim citizens of Iran who have security under the shadow of the Islamic Republic of Iran and who have owned the land for generations, could be sold by government or non-government organizations to legal entities or private individuals?

We offer our gratitude in advance for your reply.



[The answer given by Yousef Sanei] 

In His August Name

From a general viewpoint, occupation of properties belonging to other people, whether endowment or other, against the endowment or without permission of their owners is not permissible and is Haram [forbidden].  There is no difference between legal entities or private individuals, or Muslims and non-Muslims, in this matter.  This is a general answer for this question.  We have no information about the particular event.

[Official stamp stating:]

The Office of Enquiries on Religious Matters in Qum

Ayatollah Yousef Sanei,


[Stamp of the office of Ayatollah Yousef Sanei, 4 Khordad 1388 [25 May 2009] Number 16918, subject:  religious enquiry] [Address, telephone numbers and email address are provided]