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Date: 30 Aban 1325 [21 November 1945]



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone

Telegraphic Report from Provinces and Towns


Shahreza – 28 Aban [19 November] – Last night, at 1:00 a.m., in Sabzevari Alley of Khayyam Street, Fathollah Sabzevari, son of Akbar, a worker of Ettehad of Shahreza, was killed with a knife at the hands of three individuals. One of them has been arrested by a police watch and the other two have fled. The police department has taken the necessary actions to arrest these two people using bicycles and cars.  E ‘temadi

[Handwritten note on top of the page] [Illegible]


Zahedan – 29 Aban [20 November] – Mr. Hekmat, the governor, and Brigadier General Ghadr, the commander of the Kerman and Mekran army, flew on a plane for two and a half hours to conduct an investigation in Khash.  Mostansari

[Handwritten note in the middle of the page] [Illegible] 3 Aban 1324 [25 October 1925]


Yazd — 29 Aban [1325][ 20 November 1945] – According to the report received from Anarak, Colonel Amir Parviz and Captain Ghahremanpour arrived in Anarak at 14:00 hours and left for Naein at 16:00 hours. Sehhatpour


Abadeh – 27 Aban [1325] [18 November 1945] – Based on an invitation from the residents of Eghlid to the governor and heads of departments and the military base personnel, they all went there in the morning of 24 Aban [15 November]. The residents gave them a warm welcome and sacrificed a few cows and sheep. Governor Bayati made some statements about the need to increase the police department’s income [budget] and some reforms in the cities. After that, the residents thanked the military base personnel for having countered the thugs from Boyer Ahmad. They also requested that, now that the mayor of Eghlid has been transferred to Abadeh, Mohammad-Sadegh Foroutan, who is a capable young man, be appointed in his place. He promised them his support.  Sarhangzadeh Kheibari