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In the Name of God

Islamic Republic of Iran

National Retirement Agency


Number: 5/40832

Date: 13 Bahman 1371 [2 February 1993]

Enclosure: -----


Dear Mr. Saleh Rouhanizadeh

Esteemed member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly


Respectfully, referring to letter number 2/1144/S, dated 1 Dey 1371 [22 December 1992], regarding Mr. Fathollah Misaghian (general ledger 128178) [the following is] hereby submitted:

The mentioned individual was a member of the perverse Baha’i sect, and by sending letters dated 5 Dey 1370 [26 December 1991], 2 Bahman 1370 [22 January 1992], and 11 Khordad 1371 [11 June 1992] to this head office (24 Ordibehesht 1371 [14 May 1992], addressed to your honour) [he] explicitly acknowledged and confirmed his membership in the mentioned perverse sect. As well, he has tried to justify and defend this membership; therefore, according to the above and based on the decree of Imam Khomeini, which has the value of law and is binding, the payment of pensions to the aforementioned person (and similar individuals) has no religious and legal basis. At the end, the photocopies of the mentioned documents are attached. B


Seyyed Mahmoud Shahcheraghi

General Manager [Signature]