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Official Report


The Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran

The Judiciary of East Azerbaijan

Official minutes of interrogation and proceeding

Plaintiffs: Mr. Farzollah Aghdasi Ilkhchi

Defendant: ----

Claim: Securing a lawyer

Date: 14 Dey 1366 [4 January 1988]

Case: KH 66/ 25 - 643

Ledger: -----

In order to execute the above-mentioned order for securing a lawyer, which had been referred and assigned to me by the esteemed head of the court, on the fourteenth of the month of Dey of the year one thousand three hundred and sixty-six [4 January 1988] at 9:00 a.m., accompanied by Mr.[Illegible], the official expert of the Judiciary of Tabriz, I headed to the appointed location in the Village of Ilkhchi in an automobile which the plaintiff had provided.

After entering house number 12 on Avenue 17 Mirsour, Anvari Alley, in number 12, we were guided by the plaintiff to go through the residential home.  First, [the residence] did not have a front door. According to the plaintiff, the front door had been [demolished] by a tractor. Upon entering the house, [we saw that] the front yard had been closed off.  Therefore, we visited the eastern front portion of the building, which included two rooms, a hallway and two storage rooms [closets].  As a result of a fire, they had been completely burned and lost, together with the items inside, and the windows of the rooms had also been broken. The wooden doors to the rooms and the closets were completely burnt, too.

We then visited the southern building, which was a two-storey building. First we visited the lower floor, which included the kitchen and the bath, and they had been completely destroyed. The sink in the kitchen had been demolished, the dishwashing unit had also been broken and its faucets were missing. The roof of a storage room in the southwestern part had collapsed and the wooden beams had also been burnt. The upper floor, which included a large room, a hallway and a closet, together with the furniture and carpets, had been burnt and lost owing to demolition and fire. The remnants of the bedding and the border of a rug were seen under the rubble.

The inner yard of the building, facing south, included a furniture-storage [area], a barn, a hallway and a stable. The roof of the room, the hallway and the barn had completely burned, the beams had fallen inside the room and the furniture was beneath the rubble. On the western border of the yard was a woodshed, the roof and door of which had been burnt and collapsed, and in the southwestern corner of the yard where the winter fodder such as alfalfa, etc., had been kept, everything had been completely burnt. In the corner, the storage room is at the southwestern corner of the inner yard. According to the plaintiff, there were approximately 40 to 50 trees there, which had been burnt and completely lost. All the electric switches and sockets had been removed, and it is not known who took them.

We asked the expert, Mr. Fekraneh, to provide his opinion together with an estimate of the damages incurred. The expert mentioned that, considering the above-mentioned issues, which were completely investigated and precisely examined, the damages incurred at this time are estimated and set to be approximately four million, five hundred thousand rials.

After the expert expressed his opinion, the plaintiff said that he had no other matters, considering the fact that the expert had conveyed his opinion. Following the execution of the order and the writing of the minutes, we returned to the office at 12:30 p.m.

Director of the office, Branch 25 of the legal court of Tabriz




Wages were also received

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When the order is executed [illegible], it should be sent to the court for review

14 Dey 1366 [4 January 1988]


Reviewed in the office reduced from current inventory [illegible]

Court’s Presiding Judge


14 Dey 1366 [4 January 1988]


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