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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education


Date:  11 Mehr 1368 [3 October 1989]

Number:  1609/h,a,d [ه ا د]


Unit: -----


In the Name of God


The respected Head of the University/Allameh Tabatabaie Faculty




We respectfully advise that the case of Mrs. Farzaneh Khosravi-Hamedani, a student in the banking course in that university/faculty, was reviewed and investigated at our fourteenth session on 10 Mehr 1368 [2 October 1989] and a decision was made to decline the continuation of her studies.


The information is submitted for your attention and the necessary actions.


[Signature over the official stamp]

The executive board investigating student’s enrolment status


Copy:  For the student’s information

Copy:  University education [department?] for its information

Copy:  The disciplinary committee of the university, for its information