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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 29 Khordad 1397 [19 June 2018]


Get to Know Better the Authors of the Letter “Humiliation” / 3

“Ali Keshtgar”; a Potion of Marxism and Baha’ism

Ali Farkhondeh Jahromi, known as the Keshtgar, who had inherited Marxist ideas before the revolution, has become inclined toward Baha’ism and defends it wholeheartedly.

According to the correspondent of Fars News Agency, these days, a political activist group, [known as reformists] has aroused public opinion for its direct and unconditional negotiations with the Trump administration. While they have stated that this action is in the national interest (!), a brief review of the backgrounds of these individuals clarifies some thoughtful points for consideration. Fars News Agency reads the records of some of the authors of this letter in a series of short reports.

Ali Farkhondeh Jahromi, Known as Keshtgar, who inherited Marxist ideas before the revolution, has become inclined to Baha’ism and defends it wholeheartedly.

Keshtgar wrote: “The most effective way to break discrimination against Baha’is is to put the defence of the right to full equality of religions and the opposition to religious discrimination at the forefront of the work of all human rights activists and civil society organizations, and not to be limited to the intertemporal actions of human rights lawyers. When Baha’is are attacked by the regime, we must all say and write that we are ‘all Iranian Baha’is.’” He also blames Shirin Ebadi for denying that her daughter is a Baha’i.

This Baha’i supporter attacks Saeed Hajjarian; because he has reduced the Baha’is to a mere political group and considers them as supporters of sanctions on Iran:

“Anti-Baha’i dogma has also become part of the nature of many of our enlightened religious intellectuals, like an incurable pain that has no cure. They chant the slogan of ‘Iran for all Iranians’ and speak of the equal rights of Iranian citizens of all faiths, creeds and religions, but all these expressions have not yet been able to overcome the habitual force of many former Hezbollahis and Muslim intellectuals today.”

Keshtgar continues: “If you ask Mr. Saeed Hajjarian if you consider your Baha’i compatriot to have the same citizenship rights as others and consider him equal to you, he will probably answer with a little reluctance in the affirmative and [experience] dissatisfaction while facing this question. But in Mr. Hajjarian’s conscience, anti-Baha’i habits are still prevalent. In an interview with the Etemad newspaper, see how he reduces the Baha’is in a mass attack to a mere political group, and just like Kayhan, without any documents, considers them lobbyists for sanctions and the destruction of Iran...”

After a brief review of the record of this counter-revolutionary element, the question is, with what intention does a person like Ali Keshtgar prescribe the direct and unconditional negotiations with the Trump administration?