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[Adopted from website:] Fars News Service

[Date:] 12 Dey 1389 [2 January 2011]


The Detested Iranian Nationals

From Abdu’l-Baha to Simon Gass: To Whom Does the U.K. Give the Title of “Sir”?

Fars News Agency: The queen of the United Kingdom has recently honoured Simon Gass, the British ambassador to Iran, by granting him the title of “Sir”.

According to a reporter of the Fars News Agency, the queen of England recently honoured Simon Gass, the British ambassador to Iran, by awarding him the title of “Sir” [knighthood]. The history of this award, especially to those who are related to Iran, shows that more than anything else, the criterion for bestowing this award is the volume of malice and the pursuit of colonial policies by an individual.

Most of those who received this award were among the people who committed the most betrayals against our country. For instance, one of the examples in which the person receiving the title of “Sir” shows the nature of this title is Abbas Effendi (epithet Abdu’l-Baha). Abbas Effendi, the son of the founder of the perverse Baha’i sect, who succeeded him after the death of his father, received the high award for “heroism” and the title of “Sir” for his great espionage and services to the British colonial government!

Abbas Effendi also received this sign and award for “merit”, for his betrayal and spying! He prayed against Islam and the Muslim ummah [community], and thus wished the king of England compassionate success, saying: “O Thou Kind Father, the veil of justice has been set up in this land, and I thank you! Lord, confirm the great emperor King George V of England for the achievements of mercy and establish his high shadow over this glorious Land (Palestine)!”

The statesmen of the British government, after the death of Abbas Effendi, could not hide their feelings about the services and colonial missions of this obedient, humble nut who followed the[ir] command, and for this reason, to comfort the survivors and encourage them to continue his path, representatives of this government, including Herbert Samuel, were present and offered condolences on his death: “Mr. Winston Churchill, minister of all the colonies of His Highness’s government of the United Kingdom of England... requested that the condolences of His Highness’s government of the United Kingdom be conveyed to the Baha’i community, and Viscount Allenby, too… his sincere condolences to be expressed to the family of Sir Abdu’l-Baha Abbas Effendi and the Cause of God, the Baha’i community…” The commander-in-chief of the Egyptian Expeditionary Forces, General Congreve, also sent the following telegram: “Please convey my deepest condolences to the family of the late Sir [Abdu’l-Baha] Abbas.” (4)