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[Excerpt of the sections of the article that relate to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 2 Esfand 1387 [20 February 2009]


Semnan’s Friday Prayer: Baha’ism is a Brainchild of Zionism

Fars News Agency: Vali-e Faqih’s Representative in the Province of Semnan and Friday Prayer Leader Stated:  Baha’ism is a Product of Zionism and Was Created to Combat Islam.

According to a report from Semnan by the Fars News Agency, during the Friday prayers today Hojatol-Islam Seyyed Mohammad Shah-Cheraghi in the political-devotional Friday prayer which was held in the Iman’s Mosque said:

The Public Prosecutor-General has sent a letter to the office of Semnan’s Friday Prayer Leader directing him to warn the population and confront them.  He states clearly that “the aim of this sect is to oppose Islam, so it is incumbent on all Muslims to sever trading ties with this sect and avoid marrying any of them, whether illegally or unofficially.”  He further said:   “If the Iranian nation decides, it can eliminate the roots of Baha’ism in Iran as it did with the Pahlavi regime.”  Hojatol-Islam Shah-Cheraghi invited the revolutionary people of Semnan to confront this deceptive religious sect.