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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 27 Dey 1387 [16 January 2009]


Charged with Setting Up the Perverse Organization, the “Baha’i” Secretary of Shirin Ebadi’s Office Was Arrested

Fars News Agency: Jinous Sobhani, the secretary of the office of Shirin Ebadi was arrested in Iran on Wednesday on charges of “setting up a Baha’ist organization.”

According to the Fars News Agency, Jinous Sobhani, the secretary of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre, which, until the closure of the office of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre, was under the supervision of Shirin Ebadi, was arrested on Wednesday morning. She is said to have been charged with setting up an organization for Baha’is in Iran, of which she is also a member.

Following the arrest of Jinous Sobhani, the public relations office of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre announced in a statement that Jinous Sobhani was the former secretary of the centre, where she worked until the legal closure of the office on 1 Dey [21 December 2008] this year.

Sobhani’s detention also provoked various reactions from Baha’is. Meanwhile, the news service of the Baha’i [International] Community, in a news item entitled “Detention of Six Other Baha’is in Iran”, said, “One of these people has worked in Ms. Ebadi’s legal institutions”, and officially declared that Jinous Sobhabi is one of the Baha’is.

The belief in Baha’ism of Jinous Sobhani, the secretary of Shirin Ebadi, was officially announced at the time when it was reported recently that Shirin Ebadi’s daughter was a Baha’i. She had strongly denied this news, and [said she] had avoided any contact with the Baha’i organization.

The office of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre was closed on 1 Dey [21 December 2008] by a court order, due to lack of a licence to operate and the spread of illegal activities.

This office was sealed and closed by order of the judicial authorities on Sunday afternoon, 1 Dey [21 December 2008], following the announcement of the Article 10 Commission on Parties of the Ministry of the Interior to the Revolutionary  Court and Public Prosecutor of Tehran, owing to the lack of an activity licence [permission], the expansion of illegal activities, such as issuing statements on various occasions, correspondence with domestic and foreign institutions and organizations, holding press conferences, gatherings and seminars, which have created a propaganda and media atmosphere against the regime in recent years, and increasing its activities despite the warnings of the Secretariat of the Commission.

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