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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 25 Ordibehesht 1395 [14 May 2016]


Reza Seraj, Referring to Faezeh Hashemi’s Meeting With the Baha’is:

Mr. Hashemi, Who Should Be Ashamed?

Referring to Faezeh Hashemi’s meeting with several Baha’is, Seraj wrote: “The Baha’i sect is a perverse, Zionist sect whose organization is governed by the Baha’i administrative centre in the City of Haifa (in occupied Palestine).”

According to the Fars News Agency’s cyberspace group, Reza Seraj, a political affairs expert and university lecturer, wrote in his personal channel about Faezeh Hashemi’s recent meeting with several Baha’is:

- Baha’is Friends of Faezeh Hashemi:

In an interview with the Bahar Newspaper, Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani, reviewing her memories of her detention, referred to the Baha’is and the Monafeghin as her friends and said, “Among associates and friends, there were Baha’is, a number of the Mojahedin-e Khalgh, secular [people] and leftists….”

Referring to her six-month imprisonment, she said in an interview with [Le] Figaro newspaper: “Imprisonment was a great experience because [I] met great Iranian men and women, Baha’is, members of the Mojahedin-e Khalgh, reformists and those who are fighting for their beliefs.”

- Faezeh Hashemi Performing Baha’i Rites:

One of the prisoners of the Zionist Baha’i sect, named Mahvash Sh[ahriari], who was one of the close friends of Faezeh Hashemi in Evin Prison, wrote in her diary, which was later published in the Baha’i media, “Today, Mrs. Faezeh announced that she would like to fast with us [from] 11 till 29 Esfand [1 –  19 March, the Baha’i fasting period]. We broke the fast together with her. Her love is extraordinary.

Mahvash writes on 28 Esfand [18 March], “Tonight we were the guests of Faezeh Khanum for breaking the fast. Everyone was invited to Fesenjan with pistachios of Rafsanjan, olivier salad and an excellent soup, and then she talked for a few minutes. She is scheduled to be released on 30 Esfand [20 March] but has announced that she wants to spend the Eve of the New Year in prison.”

- Who Should Be Ashamed?

The Baha’i sect is a perverse, Zionist sect, whose administrative and spiritual Baha’i centre is in Haifa (occupied Palestine); its organization is managed under the name, “Universal House of Justice”. With the establishment of the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine, the Baha’is supported the establishment of this regime.