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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 8 Bahman 1390 [28 January 2012]


Nourizad’s Salutation to Baha’is

According to the Fars News Agency’s cyberspace group, the news site Nedaye Enghelab [The Voice of Revolution] wrote, “He who, remarkably, wants to be in support of the Baha’is, has expressed in his fruitless correspondence his devotion to the perverse Baha’i sect many times in a row! In his recent letter, Nourizad described the Baha’is as one of the most purposeful religions, and saluted them!

In his letter, [addressing the Baha’is,] he wrote, “We have made you to follow our religious inclinations, and we ourselves have never allowed you to expose your religious and traditional inclinations.” He wrote, “The face we adorn in the religion of God was angry, grumpy and full of noise, unlike yours, which is soft and peaceful. We have not been good religious neighbours to you. We broke your hearts and closed the way for you to enter your desired community....”

Of course, Nourizad’s defence of the Baha’is is not unprecedented. He had recently told Deutsche Welle Radio, “A few days ago, I received a book in three volumes called ‘Islamic Sects.’ It has collected about 1,200 Islamic sects. What is wrong? The Baha’is are one of these sects. We have disregarded all those one thousand and few hundred, and we have aimed the drill at the brains of our Baha’is,” Describing his speech, Nourizad added: “As we would like, for example, the Shias of Medina to worship in peace and have a mosque, why should we not make possible the same for the dervishes of Qom or for the Baha’is of Kashan?”

Of course, he again defended the members of the perverse Baha’i sect and wrote in support of them: “Tomorrow, which is not far away, we will build elaborate monasteries for our dervishes in Qom and everywhere, and we will console the Baha’is of our land, who [have endured] years of suffering, homelessness and oppression, and we will hasten to pay financial and human compensation to anyone who has been harmed by us and by our forefathers, anywhere in our country.”

The reason for all Nourizad’s support for the Baha’is is nothing but to be mentioned in the anti-revolutionary political atmosphere. Before Nourizad, there were other people who, by uncommon and atheistic expressions, tried to gain prestige for themselves among the opponents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and become employed by Western-affiliated institutions. For example, Akbar Ganji, who, after his release from prison, sought a way to re-emerge in the country’s political arena, repeatedly supported the Baha’is and eventually fled abroad through the same network of Baha’i influence and support. And now, Nourizad, by defending the Baha’is in full force, is trying to attract some attention by praise and flattery for the leaders of this sect and to stand out among the counter-revolutionaries. But apparently, the counter-revolution was not fooled by this Nourizad’s behaviour and he remained with a world of disgrace inside and outside the country!