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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 3 Azar 1398 [24 November 2019]


The Mosque That Was Taken Out of the Claws of the Baha’is

According to the correspondent of Fars News Agency, Abbasgholi Khan Mosque is 130 years old and one of the historical mosques of Zanjan Province, with a forty-column style. It is situated in the old neighbourhood of Abbasgholi Khan, in the historical context of the City of Zanjan. This mosque has two courtyards and a beautiful nave, where the beautiful crescent arches of its ceiling are based on circular columns. The decorations of this mosque comprise tiled bricks on the body of the arches, as well as the altar, which is beautifully tiled in concave designs.

In the years before the Islamic Revolution, this mosque became a gathering place for Baha’i propagandists, but after the revolution, it was taken out of their hands by people’s efforts. This mosque has been nationally registered by the Cultural Heritage Organization; however, Abbasgholi Khan Mosque has been closed for about 20 years owing to various events, and congregational prayers and related programmes are no longer held there.

According to this report, the Abbasgholi Khan Mosque is located in the City of Zanjan, at the Enghelab crossroads, at the beginning of Saadi Street located at the middle of the back of Sohrevardi Library.