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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 6 Dey 1393 [27 December 2014]


English Mullah Defends the Baha’i Group

Mohsen Kadivar, in defiance of Mousavi Bojnourdi, who had stated that the Baha’is had no rights, wrote, “His statements about [depriving] the Baha’is of their civil rights lack any religious and legal basis.” ...

While pointing out the error of Mousavi Bojnourdi, who had stated in an article on the Jaras website that the Baha’is have no rights, Kadivar wrote, “His articles on the depriving the Baha’is of civil rights lack any religious and legal basis.”

He added, “If the speaker and other official [mouthpieces] of the Islamic Republic refer to the connection of the Baha’is to the occupying Israeli State because of the existence of the Baha’i headquarters in Haifa (occupied Palestine), they apparently are unaware that their headquarters was established in 1890 in Palestine and the date of the formation of the racist government of Israel was in 1948―in other words, 58 years before the establishment of the state of Israel! A Baha’i relationship with the fellow believers and religious leaders does not necessarily mean cooperation with Israel.”

Kadivar also wrote that spying on the personal status of individuals [and not just Baha’is] is not necessary; spying on the personal status of anyone is prohibited.

Kadivar claimed, “Denying Islam, denying Imam-i-Zaman [the Lord of the Age], denying that the Prophet of Islam [was] the Seal of the Prophets, denying God, and in one word, being an infidel and an atheist does not deprive anyone of basic human rights and civil rights. These rights have nothing to do with religion or belief. There is no credible religious reason for depriving Baha’is of human rights, citizenship rights, and other basic human rights.”

It is worth mentioning that Baha’ism is a group fabricated by the British regime in the Shia world―parallel to the false Wahhabi group in the Sunni world―and is basically an organization opposed to religious authority and Mahdism. Thus, just as international Zionism, hosted by British, was planning to penetrate deep into the Middle East, Baha’ism was also established, and during the British occupation of Palestine, before the official occupation by the Zionist regime, it created a footprint in Palestine. The Baha’i sect’s leadership still has the closest ties to the Zionist regime, just as in the days of the Pahlavi regime, Baha’is close to Britain and Israel played a decisive role in the political, military, economic and intelligence elements of that infamous regime.

The Baha’i group, while explicitly acting as a direct ally of hostile foreign regimes over the past century, is an organized effort to distort the school of Islam, and therefore its [members] play the role of the fifth pillar of the enemy. But most interesting of all is the meaningful defence by the likes of Kadivar―the English and American style cleric―of the Zionist Baha’i group, which confirms the aforementioned connection with the Zionists.