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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 18 Mordad 1387 [8 August 2008]


This Announcement Was Made in Today’s Sermons at the Friday Prayers of Bandar Abbas

The Warnings of the Friday Imam of Bandar Abbas, Regarding the Expansion of Propaganda of the Perverse Baha’i Sect

Fars News Agency: The Friday prayer leader of Bandar Abbas warned the public and authorities about the expansion of the propaganda and economic activities of the Baha’i sect in Hormozgan.

According to the Fars News Agency from Bandar Abbas, Gholam-Ali Naimabadi, in an elaborate Friday prayer this afternoon, expressing concerns about the activities of the Baha’i sect in society, called on the people to be aware of this deviant movement. He referred to the Baha’i sect as an anti-Islamic organization and added, “This sect is supported by the United States and imperialist powers due to its passive stance against any corruption and oppression.”

The Friday orator of Bandar Abbas warned against the superstitious beliefs in the Baha’i books and called for the awakening of the Islamic clergy against these deviant movements. Naimabadi also said, referring to the words of Ali Mohammad the Bab in the Book of Aqdas [sic]:

“Baha’ism has given its Islamic rulings to the Quran and distorted the instructions mentioned in the Quran. In another part of his speech, referring to his recent trip to one of the villages of Hajiabad, he emphasised [the need to use] the capacities of this region and other parts of the province.

In conclusion, Naimabadi, while pointing out the arrival of the youth day, called on families, educational centres and teachers to inform the youth about the danger of addiction.

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