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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 13 Azar 1392 [4 December 2013]


The Editor of the Quarterly Journal of Sects and Religions of the Baqir al-Uloom (AS) Research Institute Has Passed Away

Hojatoleslam Seyyed Hosein-Ali Mousavizadeh, scientific director of the Baha’i group and editor of the quarterly journal on sects and religions of the Baqir al-Uloom (AS) Research Institute, has died in a car accident.

... Seyyed Hosein-Ali Mousavizadeh was born in 1353 [1974] in Lordegan City in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province and undertook his primary education there.

He entered the seminary of Qom in 1376 [1997] and continued his education until high school. While studying at the Specialist [Base] for Religions, he succeeded in obtaining a level three certificate on “Baha’i propaganda methods and ways to deal with it.”

He also compiled his dissertation at the level four (doctoral field) entitled “Critique and Review of the Challenging Ideas and Rulings of Modern and Traditional Baha’ism.”

Hojatoleslam Mousavizadeh, in addition to managing the Baha’i scientific group of the Baqir al-Uloom (AS) Research Institute, was also the editor of the Quarterly Journal of Sects and Religions of this Research Institute.

He also collaborated with centres such as the Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy, the Institute of Islamic Beliefs, and scientific research.

The late Mousavizadeh was an academic consultant at the third level in the specialized Committee of Philosophy and Theology of the seminary and was responsible for guiding and supervising several dissertations.

Many works and articles on Baha’ism have been left behind by the late Mousavizadeh, the most important of which are: “Baha’i Propaganda Methods and Solutions to Confront [Them]”, “Review and Critique of the Baha’i Sect’s Teachings”, “Messengers of Darkness”, “Review and Critique of the Bahai Sect’s Rulings” and numerous articles, including “Review and Critique of the Investigation of Truth in Baha’ism”, and “Critique and Review of the Unity of Mankind in Baha’ism.”