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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Farman

[Date:] 16 Aban 1334 [8 November 1955]

[Issue No.:] 1009


A Number of Telegrams Received in Tehran from Qom’s Religious Ones and Assemblies of Clerics Saying:

Brigadier General Bakhtiar is a soldier of Islam who, with the occupation of the house of heterodoxy and infidelity and the organizing of an auspicious Islamic celebration, has brought happiness throughout the Shiite world.

During recent days several telegrams from Qom and other cities were received at the palace of His Imperial Majesty, the National Consultative Assembly, the Prime Minister’s Office and Tehran’s press from spiritual and religious groups in Qom in which the recent action of Brigadier General Bahktiar the Military Governor of Tehran, was praised.

In these telegrams, which are signed by the majority of the nation’s distinguished scholars, religious authorities and famous clerics on behalf of the Islamic group, congratulated Brigadier General Bakhtiar for success and meritorious victory in the occupation of the idolatrous temple of infidels and the organization of the biggest Islamic celebration there.

In one of these telegrams a famous, reliable, and noted cleric of Qom sent the following telegram to Tehran with the permission and approval of the honourable great leader of Muslims:

Brigadier General Bakhtiar is one of the brave and courageous soldiers of Islam’s military whose bravery and courageous action during the battle against the centres of corruption and propagation against the religion [of Islam] should be acknowledged.

Recently, this devout soldier of Islam was able, through the  invasion of the house of heterodoxy and infidelity and the occupation of the idolatrous temple which a group of infidels had made a centre of propaganda against Islam and of diversion and distraction to youth, to [expose] the root of corruption and make all the learned people of the Shia world happy and joyous,  such that today in the biggest centre of propaganda against Islam in Iran, sincere and patriotic soldiers held a grand celebration [on the anniversary of] the propitious birthday of Khatam‑al Anbiya.[1]

At the conclusion of these telegrams, it is requested of God that He not remove His protection of His Imperial Majesty, the protector of Islam, which, under his watchful care and orders, such brave and patriotic soldiers battle against heterodoxy and infidelity and assist him in exaltation of the true religion of Islam and victory of the Shias over heterodoxy and perverse propagandas.


[1][Seal of the prophets or the last of the prophets , a title for prophet Mohammad]