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Islamic Republic of Iran



The Islamic Revolutionary Guards


Number: -----

Date: -----

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To: The Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Gonbad

From: Gonbad Islamic Revolutionary Guards (Intelligence)

Topic: Outcome of interrogation

With greetings, we respectfully inform you that the accused, Fariborz Sanaie, son of Mehraban, who had been arrested by the orders of the Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Gonbad, in connection with the perverse Baha’i party, was interrogated. After the necessary investigations, the outcome and the activities of the above-mentioned are listed below.

It must be noted that the Baha’i administration differs from other left-wing and eclectic organizations, because this administration, which was initially founded by the old Satan, England, had the strong and ultimate aim of abrogating the beliefs of the sacred religion of Islam, in particular the Shia denomination. For this purpose, these root causes of corruption have always been trying to destroy the true Islam and the movements of Islamic people by espionage, by disseminating strictly confidential information, and by providing financial assistance to the enemies of Islam, especially to the tyrannical Israel. Although outwardly, their administration was semitransparent, their full association with the Zionist regime required these fervent elements to collect the nation’s confidential information and send it out of the country through the National Assembly and generally transfer it to Israel. In this way, in addition to causing the losses inflicted upon the Islamic nation, when this information got out, they were able to mobilize an extensive propaganda atmosphere against the Islamic Republic, to disguise the truth of Islamic Revolution, which represents the Islamic government around the world, and to reach their ominous goals.

The outcome and activities of the above-mentioned individual are announced below:

1- Membership in the Local Assembly of Gonbad area for more than eight years and participation in their meetings

2- Being the secretary of the Local Assembly of Gonbad for one year

3- Being the representative of the Assembly on the children’s education committee

4- Being the representative and trustee of Huququ’llah in the region

5- Assisting financially, in the form of contributions during Feasts, in the Assembly and in meetings.

6- Paying Huququ’llah, which was sent directly to the Universal House of Justice.

7- Participation at the local Feast in the Gonbad Assembly area

8- Confession to assisting the economy of tyrannical Israel by sending money and depositing it in their banks

9- Pleading for justice in relation to the application of laws for the Baha’is

10- Allegiance and strong loyalty to the Zionist regime, as admitted by the accused himself

11- Participation in an exigency plan which is a plan to oppose the Islamic Republic

12- Having the principal position in this plan and being active in finding mediators and working with them to avert lack of administration

13- Protecting the administration after its dissolution, using the exigency plan

14- Treason against the Islamic Republic of Iran due to participation in the plan and financial assistance to Israel

Finally, we point out that the accused did not show any cooperation or sincerity during the interrogations; he strove to hide the issues and continues to do so, and he adhered to his group agenda until the final stages of investigation.

With best wishes,

In anticipation of the victory of the Warriors of Islam