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24 Mordad 1367 [15 August 1988]


In the Name of God

Grand Ayatollah Ehsanbakhsh, representative of Imam and respected Friday Imam of Rasht, may his blessings abound

This is to respectfully bring to your attention that our residential home, the family of Mahmoud Farhangi Sabet, son of Abdol-Rahim, which belonged to his late brother, Dr. Masih Farhangi Sabet, located in Afkhara area in Rasht, where we have resided for the past forty years, and where we continue to reside, has been targeted for confiscation by the branch of Bonyad-e Shahid-e Inghelab-e Islami [Islamic Revolution Martyrs’ Foundation] in the north region, in Kelarabad, Chalus.  During this period, we have made numerous appeals both in person and in writing to that office—documents enclosed. In brief, these letters describe the dire circumstances of our family. In addition to not having work and income, we have a 20-year-old retarded and disabled son; my husband, Mahmoud Farhangi Sabet, who had a heart attack last year and was hospitalized—medical documents enclosed, and this year on 15 Ordibehesht 1367 [5 May 1988], at age 64, he suffered a stroke which left him paralyzed on the right side of the body and unable to speak. He was hospitalized for a while and is currently being cared for at home—hospital records enclosed. I myself suffer from heart condition and severe arthritis—medical documents enclosed. In such desperate state, every once in a while, we are visited by an authority who causes us added grief and distress and threatens us with a possible eviction order from the court.

I beseech you to give this matter your kind attention, and by referring to the enclosed documents, consider my dire circumstances. I have no income and am in frail health, yet single handedly responsible to provide care for two sick and disabled individuals. We rely on your kindness who is always a great support to the poor and needy to resolve this matter, so at least we can live in our own home, and so that I can deal with the other problems of my life, such as not having an income, and having to buy medication and carry on the high cost of living, etc, alone, without the worry of losing our home.

With much gratitude and respect – and hope to receive your kind response 

Wife of Mahmoud Farhangi Sabet


Enclosures: 14 documents, details below

1- Hospital records of Mahmoud Farhangi, pertaining to 1365 and 1367 [1986 and 1988]

2- Three pages neighborhood petition confirmed by the Islamic Association at the local Mosque.

3- Medical documents pertaining to the wife of Mahmoud Farhangi

4- Petition of Martyrs Foundation of Chalus, north region

5- Court document pertaining to Mahmoud Farhangi, dated 22 Farvardin 1367 [11 April 1988]

6- Notice from Branch 15 of the Legal Court, dated 21 Aban 1367 [12 November 1988]

7- Letter of Mahmoud Farhangi, dated 12 Ordibehehsht 1366 [2 May 1987], Chalus

8- Letter of Mahmoud Farhangi's wife addressed to Mr. Seyyed Ali Sajjadi, Head of Legal Affairs of the Martyrs’ Foundation in Chalus

9- Invitation letter of the representative of the Martyrs Foundation in north region to Martyrs Foundation in Kelarabad, dated 14 Ordibehesht 1366 [4 May 1987]


[Handwritten note in the margin of the page]

In the Name of God

[Illegible][Mr.] Gholizadeh, please make inquiries as to the circumstances from the Martyrs’ Foundation in Kelarabad. If necessary, intervene. Please note that I know Mahmoud. He is a Baha'i.  I have known him for 25 years. [He is] respected, harmless, and honest. At the time [illegible], he was very dignified and in good health. Do your utmost to assist [illegible].


15 Shahrivar 1367 [6 September 1988]


[Handwritten note in the margin of the page]