[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of the Interior

National Census and Personal Status Office

[The administrative tariffs have been paid]


Birth Certificate number [redacted]

Date of issue: 10 Saratan [Tir] 1304 [1 July 1925]


[Official stamp]


[Official stamp]


Mr: Farhang, Surname: Mavaddat, Son of: Fazlollah, Birth Certificate: [redacted], issued from [redacted] [and] Mrs. Batol, Birth Certificate [redacted] issued from [redacted], was born on the twenty seventh of the month of Jowza [Khordad] of the year 1304 [17 June 1925] in Tehran, street---- road---- house---- village/borough-----.

Issued in area/district ----

Name of officer [illegible], Surname: Parvin, Position: Archivist at the National Census and Personal Status Office, Tehran

[Signature over official stamp]

29 Khordad 1347 [19 June 1968]


29 Khordad 1347 [19 June 1968]


[Handwritten note on the page margin]

The first page of the Birth Certificate of Farhang Mavaddat, after annulment and issuance of the burial certificate.