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Document number 1



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

Date: 26 Aban 1367 [17 November 1988]

Number: 783

Enclosure: -----

Unit: ------


Farhang Dehghan Saie

Student of Veterinary Science

Tehran University


Your request to have your case investigated was received. Bearing in mind the contents of your file and the fact that you have been prohibited from continuing your education based on the charge of connection to the perverse sect, in order to continue your education, you are required to send evidence to this committee that you have recanted from the subject sect three times in the country’s newspapers (copy of declaration of recantation), so that [your case] can be investigated and a decision can be made. If the aforementioned proofs are not presented, you will be treated according to the [existing] regulations.

Acting committee for the investigation of expelled students

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

[Signature and stamp]