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Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God

Iranian National Industries Organization


Date: [Illegible]

Number: 240/1641

Enclosure: Yes

Unit: Inspection


[Official stamp with number and date]

Cement Group

[Number:] 10771

[Date:] 25 Bahman 1361 [14 February 1983]


Cement Industries Group

Brother Golzadeh



Referring to the letter number 963/10088/88001 [dated:] 9 Bahman 1361 [29 January 1983] in relation to Mr Farhad Sedghi, an employee of the Tehran Siman Company, this is to bring to your attention that if the aforementioned person at the present time, confesses to being a Baha’i, in light of the eligibility [requirements] of this company , he falls under the provision of the enclosed circular from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and [he] is thereby deprived of receiving any salary or benefits including any long service entitlements.


Audit Manager Organization

Abbas Imami



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