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In the Name of God


“Willingly will I obey the judge who hath so strangely decreed that my blood be spilt at Hill and at Haram!”[1]

[Persian Poem][2]

To the Esteemed Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Birjand:

I would like to inform Your Honour with absolute humility and respect that I, Dr. Farhad Asdaghi Mamaghani, was arrested more than one and a half months ago on 7 Shahrivar 1360 [29 August 1981] by the Office of the Prosecutor of Islamic Revolution of Birjand, and have been kept at this city’s detention centre. Since that date, I have been interrogated three times by an individual named Nour Mousavi, who seems to have certain missions from Kashmar Mostazafan Foundation, and I have been beaten, sworn at, subjected to insults to my sacred religious beliefs, and threatened that I would be killed at the office of the detention centre. The question is whether or not this kind of physical and verbal behaviour in the presence of the pasdar [guard] brothers is permissible while I am under the control and supervision of the detention authorities.

The reason for my detention is that I am Baha’i, because other Baha’is have been arrested in Birjand and other locations, too. Several individuals have been detained and their belongings confiscated due to their being Baha’is. It is obvious that it is against the Constitution for many people to be arrested for the crime of being Baha’i. Therefore, I would like to officially make a complaint against the afore-mentioned individual to that authority you who are the protector and supporter of the rights of the members of the community, particularly keeping in mind the actions of the said individual, such as confiscation of properties, accusations of espionage, closure of medical offices and imprisonment of doctors―while the country has to seek help from foreign doctors to meet its medical needs―as well as threatening Baha’is, to create fear and lack of security for their families. All of this causes a lack of trust in the authorities, especially at this time, when the public prosecutor of the Islamic Republic of Iran has stated that those who are not against the government of the Islamic Republic and do not participate in armed uprising will be freed.

All this is happening at a time when, according to the statements of the state authorities, foreign radio stations have raised concerns about the prisoners in Iran and the arrests of such meek and innocent individuals, none of whom have ever taken any actions against the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and in fact have honestly served their country.

An example of this is me. According to the laws of the Islamic Republic, and in order to pay my dues to my country, I performed my military service in Birjand, and based on my religious standards, have never verbally or in practice done anything against the rules and regulations of my country. Do such actions serve any purpose other than creating riots and confusion? Although in the opinion [of the public prosecutor], these actions might have taken place in good faith, the results seem to be something else. Obviously, it is the responsibility of the Revolutionary Court to investigate these matters and to act according to what they see fit.

Esteemed Public Prosecutor, my purpose in writing this letter is not to beg for a few extra days on this earth, but rather to request social justice, which is what you and other rulers want, to be served for me who is a member of a religious minority of this land. Please note that His Holiness Baha’u’llah has explicitly ordered the Baha’is who face cruelties in various communities to plead for justice to authorities; and if proper attention is not given, to leave them to God. In closing, I would like to offer my gratitude for the behaviour of the pasdar brothers who treat us with utmost kindness and humanity.

[Persian poem][3]

Signature: Farhad Asdaghi Mamaghani



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