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[Newspaper:] Farda

[Date:] 22 Dey 1334 [13 January 1956]

[Issue No.:] 595


The Trial of the Assassins Sent From Yazd

Last week, we reported that in the Village of Hormozak, a village near Yazd, a massacre took place in which a number of people were killed or injured, and many of the killers and their accomplices were arrested by the law enforcement agents. Because the local investigation required that the prosecution of the case be referred to the Tehran Criminal Court, according to the legal norms, the case was transferred to the First Branch of the Tehran Criminal Court, the defendants were handed over by the officers to the criminal court last week and detained in the prison.

First, the preparations were made for the determination of the trial date and each defendant was summoned to the court to appoint his attorney; then they will introduce their lawyers.

The detainees were men and women, old and young, and all were involved in the murder. As is seen above, Khavar Amir was one of those present at the court who was there to choose her defence attorney and was actively preparing herself for the trial day.

Therefore, we imagine that their trial will start next week and the heinous murders they committed will be investigated.