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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Farda News

[Date:] 16 Farvardin 1396 [5 April 2017]


Recruitment of Zionist Baha’i Party Under the Guise of Virtual Education

Kayhan Newspaper – An American media [outlet] reported on the secret educational activity of the Zionist Baha’i party inside Iran.

The Quartz [International News] website, referring to the “underground activity and campaign of the Baha’is,” stated that this party had illegally set up a secret school. According to the American website, Baha’ism has set up the BIHE Institute as an unofficial higher education institution and used some people who had been expelled [from other schools]. Although it is illegal, the global network has provided activists, graduates and some university lecturers.

The network is affiliated with some American universities, such as Berkeley, Columbia, Chicago and Johns Hopkins.

Classes at the university are held in absentia via the Internet, videoconferencing, and in person, part-time, in places such as Baha’i homes, and its recruits (450 per year) come to Tehran for a series of intensive training sessions.

According to the report, although cooperation with this institute is illegal and illicit in the eyes of the Iranian government, some non-Baha’i lecturers also cooperate with this network.

It should be noted that in the desecration of Ashura in 1388 [2009], the Zionist Baha’i group was widely active and some of its members were arrested.