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Date:  13/5/1358 [4 August 1979]

Number:  H/9266

Enclosure -----


Family Protection Plan


Mrs. Farangis Amini-Yazdeli

Member of the Family Protection Plan Unit in Natanz

In light of the legislated bill, and the duty given to the Ministry of Health and Welfare to select human resources for certain organisations, the employment of those who work in the Family Protection Plan will also be considered within the framework of the employment laws.  

Given that you apparently adhere to the Baha’i sect, and, if such adherence is true, your employment is in violation of Section 1 of Note (e) of Article 14 of the State Employment Laws, you are hereby notified that if you break your adherence to the said belief, you have up to 10 days from the date you receive this notice to appear before a Sharia court and convert to one of the official true religions, so that after announcement in major newspapers, such rumours [will] be put to rest.

Otherwise, there is no other option but to terminate your services.

Abol-Fazl Ejaredar


Administration of Social Affairs


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