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In the Name of God

Date: 17 Bahman 1385 [6 February 2007]

Esteemed Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education

With greetings, I, Faramarz Naddafiyan, cordially convey that the authorities of Shiraz University have refused to enroll my daughter, Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari, who was accepted to that university, for the second time, in the National Entrance Examination of year 1385 [2006] in the field of fluid mechanics.  They have not provided any kind of proof or evidence regarding the refusal of her enrolment.  To this day, I have not received an appropriate response from any of the authorities that I have referred to.  For your information, I would convey that [I have made] repeated visits to the responsible authorities, have followed all the administrative procedures, have contacted the security officer residing at the university, the Complaints Investigation and Response Office of the Ministry of Education, the Lecturer and Student Eligibility Evaluation Division of the Measurement and Evaluation Organization, and Mr. Tavakkoli, the assistant director of the [Educational Measurement and Evaluation] Organization.  They have all refused to provide me with an explanation, saying, “It is not possible to enroll your daughter.”  They have not even provided me with a document or the smallest legal proof or evidence to support [their statement].

Thus, my ardent request is that you forward the above-mentioned matter to the esteemed minister [of education] so that, with your assistance, and that of the esteemed minister, my daughter may be able to further her education, like the rest of Iranian citizens, whereas the right to education has legally and equally been guaranteed for all citizens according to the Constitution.  I hope that, with your assistance, she will be able to begin her studies in the second semester of this year.


With appreciation, the guardian [father] of the student,

Faramarz Naddafiyan Ghamsari




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The original copy of this letter was given to Dr. Nasr Esfahani, and he promised that… [The rest of the sentence does not appear on the page]