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11 Azar 1360 [2 December 1981]

In the Name of the One Who is the Source of Hope and Fear

Deputy Director of Administration and Finance of the Department of Education of Hamadan


I would cordially convey that, according to order 29166 of the Office of Personnel, dated 11 Aban 1360 [2 November 1981] and signed by you, my employment at the Department of Education has been terminated because of my “adherence to the perverse Baha’i sect”. I have not followed any sect other than the Baha’i religion and I do not consider myself as being perverse or lost. In fact, I find myself walking in the straight path, and I confess and believe in the truth of all the Messengers of God and the Imams.

As neither the constitution, nor the laws of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, [indicate that] adherence to the Baha’i Faith [is] grounds for dismissing staff, and considering that I have regarded serving this land and nation with honesty and zeal as my cardinal duty, I would request an investigation of my service records, in order [for you] to consider the continuity of my employment.



Farahangiz Leghaie [signature]



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Copy of the letter of complaint that originally was sent and its copy are attached 

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