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In the Name of God, the Exalted


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Interior

National Police Force

File number: 43/4/28/24748

[Illegible]: 2/06966/00/04

Index: Azadi Square Branch

(Telephone -----)

Number: -----

Date: -----

Enclosure: -----

From: Retirement Affairs Office (Section 4)

To: Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces Relations Office (Section [illegible])

Re: Termination of Pension



Further to directive number [illegible]/18775- 11 Shahrivar 1359 [2 September 1980], reflected in the provisions of Article 536

According to letter number 401/66/500/972-401/66/500/7- 18/[illegible], 401/66/500/7 [dated] 21 Ordibehesht 1364 [11 May 1985], of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, the pensions of four individuals [illegible] [survivors of] Gholam-Reza Mohammad-Hoseini, son of Mirza-Agha, details below, are terminated because of [their adherence to] Bahaism.

  1. Iran Rezvani, wife [handwritten note in the middle of the page] 500176/8
  2. Mojgan Mohammad-Hoseini, dependent [handwritten note in the middle of the page] 500172
  3. Marjan Mohammad-Hoseini, dependent [handwritten note in the middle of the page] 500174/5
  4. Zahra ----- [handwritten note in the middle of the page] 500173/8


Chief of Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Colonel Samimi

On behalf of [name and signature]



  1. Branch [illegible], for recording the instructions
  2. Accounting Department, central list, for information and action
  3. Azadi Square Branch of Bank [Sepah], for information and action
  4. Islamic Revolutionary Prosecution [illegible], with reference to letter numbers noted above, for information




[Handwritten note, number and date on top of the page]

[Number:] [Illegible]

[Date:] 31 Farvardin 1364 [20 April 1985]


[Handwritten note and date on the bottom of the page]

Entry in Bank Sepah, Azadi Square Branch

Date: 8 Khordad 1364 [29 May 1985]


[Handwritten note in the middle of the page]