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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Agriculture


In the name of God

Number: H-T 2098

Date: 8/07/1368 [30 September 1989]



Mr. Faizollah Alitabar

As your affiliation to the perverse Baha’i sect has been established based on your admission on 18/01/1361 [7 April 1982] to the Provisional Council for the Restructuring of Human Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture, the  order for  your dismissal, number 8013-7819/635, [dated] 10/02/1361 [30 April 1982], is in effect. For this reason, appeal of your case at the Office of Investigation of Administrative Offences does not have legal validity.


[signature over the official stamp]


Office of coordination of Investigation of Administrative Offences and Administrative Offences Review Units

Ministry of Agriculture



Office of Deputy Director [illegible] re letter number 600-2941/[dated] 25/06/1368 [16 September 1989]