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Islamic Republic of Iran

Shahid Beheshti University [illegible]

In the Name of God

“Primary Decision of the Admission Council”


Number M/839

Date: 18 Aban 1362 [9 November 1983]

Enclosure: -----


Mrs. Ezzat Yazdani

Student of Business Management, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Shahid Beheshti University, Student number [redacted]

Year of entry to the university ----- number of credits passed ----- total average -----

You are hereby informed that, based on:

Report of investigation team , existing documents and evidence , testimony of reliable witnesses , your own confession, views of judicial authorities and police force , taking into account your claim of recantation

        A: according to Article 1 Clause D,

            And Article ----Clause-----

of the Student Admission By-law, ratified by the Cultural Revolution Headquarters, which was communicated through Circular number M/172 dated 29 Farvardin 1362 [18 April 1983] from the State Ministry of Culture and Higher Education of the Universities and Institutes of Higher Learning,

        B: according to Clause----

        C:  according to views of National Admission Council of Culture and Higher Education,

due to your persistence in your deviation, continuation of your Education is not approved.

Also, according to Article ----- Section ----- of the above-mentioned By-law, ratified on [date] 22 Shahrivar 1361 [13 September 1982] of the Cultural Revolutionary Staff, you can/cannot request a certificate equivalent to an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.



  1. Refrain from repeated and useless contacting of the university or other authorities.
  2. To hear further explanation and guidance, you can approach the Admission Council liaison on 5 Azar 1362 [26 November 1983] at ---- time ---- place: Admission Council’s Public Relations (located at Education Building)
  3. In case you object to the decision issued, you may submit your objection to the Council with documents including your exact address, and, possibly, phone number, so that you can be immediately contacted if needed, no later than [date] 15 Azar 1362 [6 December 1983], by double-registered mail to the address: Evin, Shahid Beheshti University.  [Illegible] or deliver it to: Admission Council Public Relations (located at the Education Building), to the liaison of Admission Council and get a receipt.
  4. Objections without exact address of the objecting student will not be considered. 
  5. If you object, the Admission Council will issue a review order, no later than [date] 10 Dey 1362 [31 December 1983].which will be sent to you; or you may go to the location of Public Relations of the Admission Council (located at the Education Building) on 10 Dey 1362 [31 December 1983] and receive your order when you provide a receipt.  



Dean of the Admission Council

[Official stamp]

Admission Council of Shahid Beheshti University