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Ministry of the Interior

The Governor General of the Tenth Province

Date: 8 Aban 1330 [31 October 1951]

Number: 332

This serves as copy


Police Force Headquarters of the Tenth Province,

Pursuant to the submitted report number 331 of 7 Aban 1330 [30 October1951], we cordially inform you that during the past 24 hours, peace and order has been established and there have not been any adverse incidents. [Mr.] Abbas Rajaei, son of Yadollah, was interrogated in the presence of the head of the court. He [stated] that:

“On Friday, 26 Mehr [13]30 [19 Oct 1951], two hours after midday, we went to the martyrs’ garden. Mohammad went out of the garden to carry some water. Because he was late, I went to look for Mohammad and saw Abbas Khosravi and Farajollah Vojdani standing at the garden gate. Being afraid of them, I returned and hid myself at the end of the garden, and I heard a loud dispute. Mohammad cried, “Help, they want to kill me.” When I arrived, I saw Abbas Khosravi placing a chain around the throat of Mohammad and pulling it, and also Farajollah Vojdani stabbing Mohammad with a knife. I was afraid, so I did not go towards them, but from behind the garden door I saw that Abbas Khosravi pulled the chain so hard that Mohammad fainted and fell on the ground. After suffocating Mohammad, those two ran away, and I rode my bike and escaped.”

 According to the statement of Abbas Rajaei, and the conflicts between the statements of Farajollah and Abbas, it is apparent that the main killers of Mohammad Keyvani are the aforementioned men, who killed Mohammed due to their personal dispute and unchaste and immoral actions. Mohammad’s murder was not related to Baha’i and Muslim differences. Meanwhile, all three were arrested by court order, and after completion of the investigation, [they] will be sent to the district court with the final report. The procedure was reported for your information.


The Head of Najafabad Police Force, First Lieutenant Ershadi

332 – 8 Aban 1330 [31 Oct 1330]

A copy of above transcript is sent to the District Office of Najafabad County.

Head of Najafabad Police Force, First Lieutenant Ershadi

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[Stamp: Isfahan, Provincial Governorate Office of the Tenth Province]