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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 8 Shahrivar [30 August]

[Page:] 2


On behalf of His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, Clerical Requests Were Announced in 14 Clauses


Mashhad:  Yesterday this Kayhan reporter attended the presence of His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Abdollah Shirazi, who outlined the requests of the clerical community as follows:


His honour Grand Ayatollah Shirazi said: One of the most important ways of addressing the situation of the country nationally, is through the fostering general peace among the people and this matter, which has been previously addressed through our representative together with other suggestions, was conveyed to government authorities in the following [14 points]:


  1. Elimination of those laws that are contrary to Islam and Quran.
  2. Freedom of expression and action for clerics and the people of all strata in the society.
  3. Removal of the restrictions on religious speakers, who have always been the cause of the community’s advancement.
  4. Freeing of innocent inmates, who have spoken only the truth in defence of the religion.
  5. Freedom for all the exiled erudite, experts from the religious seminaries and clerics to return home, especially His Highness Ayatollah Khomeini. 
  6. Restraining from overtaxing and placing an extreme material burden on the nation’s people.
  7. The aggressors who aggrieved the nation and caused the bloody events of the past eight months to be convicted and punished.
  8. Corruption Centres and unethical foundations to be annihilated.
  9. The national culture is to be in accordance with Islamic culture, Quran and the instructions of the holy Imams.
  10. The [Imperial] Calendar to be changed to the Islamic Calendar.
  11. Election of parliamentarians is to be under the supervision of the clergy and the true representatives of the nation.
  12. The ruling cabinet should not under any circumstance consider non-Muslims or anyone outside the [Shia] Ja’fari as Ministers
  13. By all means necessary, Baha’i elements are to be dismissed from all official and semi-official positions.
  14. All laws approved by the Parliament, without exception, should not have any discrepancy with the Islamic laws and [illegible] principles of the Ja’fari School of theology.


At the end of the interview, his honourable Grand Ayatollah Shirazi said, “With extreme happiness, we are looking forward for the return of his honour Ayatollah Khomeini.”