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[Personal information has been redacted.]



National Police Force Headquarters

(Telephone -----)


From: -----

To: -----

Subject: -----


Number: 145-1-19

Date: 20 Shahrivar 1352 [11 September 1973]

Enclosure: -----


First Lieutenant Naser Kheradmandan

At this time when I have been appointed to a new position, [I] find it necessary to express my thanks and gratitude for the valuable services that you provided to this organization.

I trust that you will be successful in any rank or position [you serve] [because] you have been performing your duties with such honesty and energy and with love for your organization. I ask almighty God that He may bestow upon you health and evermore success. 

Head of Identity Verification Department - Brigadier General Eftekharzadeh




Head of Personnel Department for the above information to be reflected in his file – personnel office number: 1/5551


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