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Celebrated Ministry of the Interior


The Fifth Government

Number: 324


Date: Khordad 1306 [May/June 1927]

Attachment: ---


The Honourable Prime Minister, may your grandeur be perpetual,

In answer to your blessed telegram number 1172, which through the Government was addressed to his honour Hojjatol-Eslam, Haj Mirza Ali-Akbar Ardabili, it is kindly been brought to your knowledge that after the telegraphic announcement of your directive [referring to the slain Aminol-Olama], he became much appreciative and thankful, also it became the cause of gratitude of all other high clergies for your special attention to the matter. For now, because of his sickness, he is staying in Zanjan and after the recovery of his health, it will not be comfortable for him to make a trip to Tehran due to its warm weather. The idea of the clergy is that after him regaining his health, he should return to Ardabil. He is also requesting you to issue a recommendation to the Head of the Police in Tabriz who at this moment is in Tehran, as well as to the Province of Azerbaijan and other places, that after his arrival to his place, not cause him difficulties as he is in his advanced age, and with total tranquillity he will pray for your blessed person and other honourable authorities of the Government, which will be the cause of his gratefulness and of all the other clergies of Zanjan.

[Signature & Stamp]


[Stamp of entry to the Office of Council of Ministers]

Date: 8 Khordad 1306 [30 May 1927]

Number: 1669