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The Executive Committee of the Order of the Imam

Located at the Office of the Provincial Governor General


This Nation, which is in the process of building and establishing, must be at peace (Imam Khomeini)

Date: 7/1/1362 [27 March 1983]

Number: 1292

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God

To Mr. Abdol-Hosein Ishani

Concerning your letter, you are hereby notified that advice was sought from the Faridan Guards. They responded:

1 – The killing of the five individuals was not an execution.  They were shot at by the guards while escaping the prison.

2 – Banishment of the individuals was conducted by the people who did not want the filthy remnants of Hoveyda in their villages.

3 – Why do you people insist that you are faithful to the Messengers of God when you act against Islam?  [Those] Messengers fought against injustice but you never said and will never say, “Death to the Shah and America”.  The same Quran, which you say is from God, nullifies every ideology after the Quran.  Muslims did not endure martyrdom and did not destroy the Shah and America for you to live an apathetic life and divorce yourselves from the nation’s activities.  If you have any evidence of execution, produce it so it can be considered. 

The Executive Committee of the Order of Islam

[official stamp]