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The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Preliminary Court Application form

File number: ----


Identity of both parties

Plaintiff: Economic Complex of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee. (R H)

Address: Tehran, Vali-e Asr Street, further up from intersections of Amir-Akram and Shahid Hashemi-far, number 20.

Defendant: Mrs. Tahereh Foroughi

Daughter of Esfandiar

Occupation: Housewife

Place of residence: Tehran [Address]

Lawyer or Legal Representative----

Claim and its worth: Investigation and issuance of order for conviction of defendant and dispossession and removal of occupancy of one apartment as part of the registration number 4/3434, located in Division 11 of Tehran, including damages as explained in the contents.

Proofs and attachments of the petition:

1- Photocopy of orders issued by Branch No. 12 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice and the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Court,

2- Photocopy of registration of the property in question

3- Local investigation and examinations [report]

4- Proof of title deed and scope of authority

The Honourable Head of the Court of Law in Tehran

[You are] respectfully informed that, according to the judgements issued by Branch 12 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran and the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Court, all possessions of Ahmad Bashiri, including the registered [property] on number 4/3434, located in Division 11 of Tehran, were confiscated in execution of the provisions of clause (D) of Addendum 11 of the Budget Law of year one thousand, three hundred and sixty-five [1365] and its ownership granted to this Institution. As the defendant is occupying one apartment in the first floor, which is part of the mentioned registered plaque [building] and considering that, with repeated visits, no action was taken on her part to vacate and deliver the place, and considering that this institution is not satisfied for her to continue occupation, which is contrary to the religious law; therefore, according to this petition, and considering the attached proofs, we request the honourable court to investigate and issue a bill of indictment for eviction and adjustment and usurpation possession [sic], including adjudication costs. Obviously, regarding the quantum meruit, the duration of occupation will be followed up in a separate litigation.


Reconciliation is from God.

Director- Rafighdoost

Signature’s place--- stamp---finger



Number and date of registration of petition:


Date: ------


Branch---- court----investigate

Name and family name, position of referring authority

Date: ----- Signature