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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat Varzeshi

[Date:] Thursday, 27 Mordad 1362 [18 August 1983]

[Issue No.:] 17086

[Page:] 14


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Was not the fight between the Society[1] and the Toudeh Party a matter of survival of the fittest?!

And it was to withstand this tide that professor Shahid Motahhari wrote the book about “Khadamat-e Motaqabel-e Iran Va Islam” [The Reciprocal Services of Iran and Islam] and Allameh Tabatabaie wrote the book of “Shia dar Eslam” [Shiism in Islam].

This was a conspiracy, a well-calculated conspiracy, of which the shah and his masters were the masterminds, and their cronies within the country carried it out. Also, a portion of the religious forces, including this Society, went along with these conspiracies. Even though the shah, in secret, had a close collaboration with the Wahhabis and Baha’is, and had the best of relationships with the dirty pigs of the Saud dynasty and deceptive magicians of the Abdol-Wahhab clan (the two political and religious clans ruling the Arab Island who were the puppets of Imperialism), and he had also left the Baha’is completely free on the inside, in order to defeat his opposition, he would seek to benefit from Wahhabism and Baha’ism.

The “Society” and a bunch of fossilized, self-abnegating, non-resistant, and silent—or, to put it better, compromising—religious forces, became the victims of this conspiracy and sullied themselves by participating in it. [This is the] conspiracy that the religious forces related to the royal court—those same people who considered the shah as the only king and thought that his fall would be equivalent to the rule of the Communists and Baha’is and . . . whose names have been mentioned previously, and were among those adding fuel to the fire . . .


[1] Hojjatieh Society