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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday, 30 Shahrivar 1362 [21 September 1983]

[Issue No.:] 17114

[Page:] 6


Constructive Expectation and Devastating Expectation

In Recognition of the Hezb—e Ghaedin—e Zaman [known as Hojjatieh Society]

By: A. Baghi

Section 17

“It is interesting that Baha’ism also advises its followers to seek out the success of the oppressors and wish the prosperity of the aggressors, and the more oppressed they are, the better for them”.

This is the similarity between Baha’ism and anti-Baha’ism.

The Society [Hojjatieh] wants to express in the language of the day and the scale of what has been uttered in the form of phrases such as: taghiyyah [to conceal or deny one’s true ideology to save his life], deceiving the enemy, camouflage, silence and compromise, and concealing the fight against enemy, that is lack of open hostility. whatever it has claimed and deliver it. Therefore, they claim that “taghiyah” and “concealment”, based on the nation’s modern values, are called “intelligence and counter-espionage system” and “pretending not to combat the enemy” is called a non-alliance policy….

….Hojjatol - Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani, the mouthpiece and defender of the underprivileged, the high-ranking mujtahid, and the student and arm of the imam of Ommat [Khomeini] says, “Those who have been inactive for a long time and have surrendered to the oppressors with the hope that the Imam [Qa’em] will appear and correct—sometimes they even whisper today that the  “Imam of Time” [Mahdi] will finally come and correct the affairs—are not truly waiting [for His coming], since, if they were waiting for Him, they would have acted differently and they should have lived a life that was appropriate for His coming.

When the “Imam of Time” comes and observes that wealthy people, despite owning so much wealth, are still selling [commodities] with high prices, He [the Imam of Time] will approach them differently from how he would approach us…

 … The Imam of Time will not come to save a group of people who are “monzalem” [accept tyranny] and lazy. If the coming of the Promised Mahdi (May God Hasten His Coming) were an easy and comfortable process, then all the struggles of our Imams throughout history would have been wrong. The Promised Mahdi will come when the people strive and struggle and offer their lives as martyrs.

At the end of this section, we again call to mind the evil, colonial, and spying sect of Baha’ism, which advises that, “The Baha’is should seek the prosperity of the oppressors and wish the happiness of the oppressors, and the more they become victimized the better for them.” And this is the co-relationship between the actions and thoughts of Baha’ism and anti-Baha’ism. It is a kind of invasion that announces “left” but does “right”.